Major scientific research results

Longitudinal research projects undertaken in recent 5 years:
Supported by the National Social Science Foundation
Project Leader Approving Time Project Title
Jiang Hong 2009 The Russian Factors in British Modernism Literature
Peng Xuanwei 2008 The Application of Evaluation Theory in Stylistics and the Development of Evaluation Corpus
Wang Zhisong 2007 Rheological study of Japanese Popular Literature after the WWII
Zhang Bing 2006 Research on Bakhtin's "Marxism and the Philosophy of Language"
General projects of? Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences
Project Leader Approving Time Project Title
Liu Juan 2010 Study of the Quotation System and Function of Literary Works by Contemporary Russian Females
Qian Xiaofang 2010 The Identification of Cultural Identity of Foreign Language Teachers in the Context of Globalization--Starting from Code Switching
Yu Hui 2010 Corpus-based Study of Discourse Genre Typology
Zhang Zheng 2010 Study of the Formation and Translation of Chinese and English Parallel Corpus of Government Documents
Wang Qiang 2009 English Teacher Education Innovation and Development of English Proficiency of Students: Cooperative Action of Universities and Teachers Engaged in Basic Education
Yang Yanchun 2009 Research on the Linguistics Theory of Baudouin de Courtenay
Chen Zehang 2009 The Establishment of E-learning Communities for English Students at Public Expense and its Effects on the Identification of Teachers and Students Identity as well as the Formation of Teaching and Research Awareness
Wang Deliang 2008 Study of the Development and Application of Discourse Centering Theory
Sun Yinghui 2008 Comparative Analysis of Generic Structure of English Master Theses by Chinese Students and American Students
Cao Leiyu 2008 Comparative Study of Post-modern Western Drama and Contemporary Chinese Stage Art of Metropolis
Luo Shaoxi 2008 The Role of the Task in English Learning in Chinese Environment
Wang Nan 2007 Elaine Showalter and "Feminist Criticism" Research
Wang Guangzhou 2007 Deconstruction Theory of Reading Proposed by Paul de Man
Cheng Xiaotang 2006 Study of Discourse Characteristics of less Coherent Discourses: a Corpus based Study
Beijing "Eleventh Five-Year" Philosophy and Social Science Projects
Project Leader Approving Time Project Title
Wang Qiang 2008 Overall Reform Experiment for Primary School English
Part of research projects winning awards
No. Title Person who completed the project  The award and time
1 From "Humanism" to "Conservatism": Bai Bide in "Critical Review" Zhang Yuan(1) The first prize of the Award for Beijing Eleventh Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Sciences in 2010
2 Study of the Narrative Theories of British and American Novels. Wang Liya (3) The second prize of the Award of Outstanding Scientific Research Achievements for Colleges and Univerities by the Ministry of Education? in 2009

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